There’s always time for art, especially during a pandemic

Coronavirus has hit hard. In these strange and unprecedented times, it’s important to stay home and be safe. But it’s also important to look after your mental health and wellbeing, and art has the power to do that without you having to breach those gallery doors.

Art galleries and museums across the world are finding new and exciting ways to share their artworks, artists, and exhibitons for those eager for an outlet to fill their days at home, and to feel a little less isolated.

Websites, social media and emails are becoming hubs for a source of information and activities to engage audiences to think differently about how they access their favourite art space. What’s great is that kids can get involved too! Take a look at what galleries and museums have started to doing with their content across the globe to keep us entertained, and more importantly to connect with ourselves and each other.

The Royal Academy, London

The RA has been a home for art and artists for over 250 years, and they’re dedicated to keep their audience engaged with a weekly dose of exhibition content, art-inspired mindfullness sessions on Instagram and the #RADailyDoodle challenge. Anything from drawing a goat, drawing the last thing you ate and rating it out of 10 to looking deep into the void and drawing their best Mr.Blobby. Their Twitter feed is gold, although a little hit and miss for some people. But if you want to get the kids involved with some drawing or have a lively and often ridiculous debate, then the RA will keep the creative juices flowing.


RA social content




The Met, New York

From the start, the Met have been a positive beacon, shedding light on the stories they have to tell about their history. It’s warming, engaging and so, so interesting. Look out for their rich archival footage, insider insights and virtual tours. For the kids, follow their #MetKidsFunFact on Twitter to learn some fun facts about the history of the objects in their collection.






The V & A, London

From the art of shoemaking, recreating a micromosaic to hand-painted nail art, the V&A is producing a lot of fun and engaging content. I’m particularly loving their family newsletters, which is probably aimed at kids but I loved designing a crazy 18th century wig! They’re doing a lot of interactive content which is working in staving off the boredom, and keeping them in the forefront of your mind.


mashup vavandanailsvandamosaicwigvanda

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