Ilsa Brittain

Artist deadlines – January

Happy New Year peeps! And to my first blog post of 2018! I’m making a rule this year of not setting unrealistic goals and feeling, more than disappointed, when I don’t achieve them by December. So instead, I’m just going to aim to do more of what I love: drawing and this blog!

On that note, competitions and exhibition opportunity deadlines are a great way at the beginning of the year to be inspired and have mini goals to aim for. There aren’t a huge amount of visual art opportunities this month, but enough to ease you into 2018! The highlight prize to enter is the Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize, which is awarded to artists’ with significant potential and skill in their field.

Another ‘major’ exhibition to be aware of this month is the RA Summer Exhibition, with one of the judges this year being the wonderful Grayson Perry. The deadline isn’t until the 14th of Feb, but make sure you get your entries in quick! Good luck y’all!


DARE Art Prize – 12th JAN

Ashurts Emerging Artist Prize – 14th JAN

Open Call: There’s no such thing as boredom – 14th JAN

Royal Art Prize – 19th JAN

Exhibition proposal at St. John’s Hall Gallery – 31st JAN


Banner image – Ilsa Brittain ‘White Scarf’ – Highly recommended artist, Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize 2017

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