Paradise lost, and found – Tomas Sanchez

Fertile forests, hanging canopies, and spiritual vibes – step into Tomás Sánchez’s idyllic landscapes.

Let us travel to the darkest depths of South America and discover paradise…

Tomás Sánchez is a Cuban artist who is best known for his deeply spiritual images of nature and serene scenes of lush vegetation that strive for perfectionism. But there is more to his work than meets the eye. Like a shimmering mirage in a desolate desert, these idyllic landscapes feel just out of our reach. And they always will be. Sánchez teases us with the promise of a thirst quenching oasis, when in fact these painted scenes no longer exist in the real world – the forests now ripped from its roots to make way for unsustainable agriculture.

“Llegada del caminante a la laguna”

Sánchez is offering us an unattainable haven and escape from a world ravaged by human destruction. The parellels of existing in these beautiful utopian vistas and knowing that we can’t ever physically achieve escaping to them in reality, is poetically devastating. And that’s the appeal. We’re drawn to what we can’t have and the lure of hope – that one day we could escape our busy, hum-drum lives and find peace and serenity in the natural word.

Contemplar al Otro en Tarde Rosa

His paintings radiate spirituality. The lone figures, staring into the distance with their back to us almost evoke a sense of calming jealousy – why have they been chosen to enjoy and exist in this space? I like to think that Sánchez is telling us that only through meditating and achieving a higher sense than ourselves can we find inner peace and journey to this paradisal plain.

All images copyright of Tomás Sánchez

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