Anthony Gormley at the RA

Earthy materials, gravity-defying figures, and all encompassing spaces. Anthony Gormley is back, but not for long!

His most ambitious exhibition in 10 years, Anthony Gormley has taken over the Royal Academy, with work from his 45-year career. From wirry sculptures and a pool of earthy water that inhabit the space, to his trademark apathetic figures, this exhibition tracks the artists movement through time and space.

Traces of sculptures are building up on the gallery walls, fluid line drawings make up his extensive sketchbook collection, and a metal rod even follows you from room to room.

Health and safety issues aside, this exhibition felt  like an experiment on the visitor. How we move and interact in a gallery environment, and whether we accept the challenge to look and experience art differently.


My favourite by far (which required a huge leap of faith) was the human sculptured room. Pre-warnings of low ceilings and impenetrable darkness only piqued my interest more! You’re asked to move cautiously through the steel figure until you get to the centre, where only a little light from the outside shines through these geommetric shafts high above. With less people, I could have found it quite peaceful in there. And perhaps that’s the point with Gormley’s sculptures and installations; they not only control our movements within the space but encourage us to stop and reflect.

Take time out to see Anthony Gormley at the RA is only on until 3 December!

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