Illustrator of the month – Hiro Isonoo

Like stepping back in time to the video games of old, or some psychedelic trip to no-place, Hiro Isonoo’s illustrations are wonderfully enchanting.

Dripping with colour, the late video game designer Hiro Isonoo’s illustrations are eye-poppingly hypnotising. You’re absorbed into an augmented, pixel-like world, bursting with a fusion of different kinds of fauna, flora and rich vegetation.

Born in 1945, the Japanese artist and illustrator graduated from the Aichi University of Education’s Fine Arts department in 1968. He worked on a number of the Mana games, and that classic Game Boy game, Final Fantasy Adventure.



His illustrations are a succulent explosion of green hues with a perfected shot of neon to blast your face off. I’d recommend heading to his website to see more of his trippy work.

All images copyright of the artist

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