Artist of the month – Mary Iverson

Escape into the dreamy, abstract worlds of Mary Iverson, where floating shapes rule all.


Of course, there’s more to Mary Iverson’s work than just floating shapes in picturesque landscapes (even though that alone would still be awesome for me). Her work is rich in traditional American landscape painting, and on the surface is both beautiful and realistic.

This is my kind of style. It resonates with me. Not only for its colourful and playful building blocks tumbling within the juxtaposition setting of a picturesque landscape, but also for it’s clear cut, uncompromising lines. They make you feel like you’re part of an visionary architects’ dream.


But there’s also a more important reason why these paintings stand out for me. They have a dual meaning. The underlining context being that as you delve deeper into her creations you find that these colourful blocks are, in fact, shipping containers. And her paintings are a comment of what happens when globalization and the environment collide.

“My paintings are colorful abstractions that spring from the theme of the industrial shipping terminal. The canvases feature mass accumulations of shipping containers and container cranes in various perspectives. My work employs a network of searching perspective lines and layers of interlocking, colorful planes and rectangles that suggest both deep space and flat surface.”

You can see more of her work on her website

Yosemite Falls with Containers

sm_Bathers, 36 x 48 inches, oil on canvas, 2016




Artwork copyright of Mary Iverson

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