Artist of the month – Chiang Lup Hong

Psychedelic and absorbing. The excruciatingly beautifully detailed illustrations from Malaysian artist Chiang Lup Hong.

Ever seen those mind boggling optical illusions, where supposedly there’s meant to be a picture within a picture, and you can never figure them out? Well, if you invest your time studying Hong’s illustrations, trust me, you won’t be disappointed or disillusioned. Okay, granted, you might strain your eyes somewhat for the pleasure, but then what is art if you don’t work for it?


A self-taught illustrator based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Chiang Lup Hong (aka Museum of Icebergourke) creates these imaginary, VERY intricate works that are based on his sightseeing trips. Exotic in nature, these stunning illustrations give the impression of a futurists animation, envisioning the world around him.

His artworks are “fueled by the passion to impress and entertain our audiences visually, just like a performance.” They do have a performative, kinetic appearance, which makes them all the more elusive and hard to pinpoint, and more exciting to view as an audience.

For some, this is too much noise, for me, I want more to explore and unravel.




You can see more of Hong’s work on his website

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