Illustration Illuminates London

What could be more illustrative of the vibrant and eclectic London art and craft scene than the wonderfully illustrious London Illustration Fair!

That’s a rather epic intro to the London Illustration Fair, but such is the impressive quality of work that emanates from the fair every year, I can’t hep but share the excitement and wonder it brings to the Southbank.


Setting their stage at the OXO Bargehouse, this unique, worn down space lends itself to displaying artworks on its crumbling, Victorian walls. With some of the rooms looking like the workhouse scene from ‘Oliver!’, having fresh artistic talent filling and overflowing the space only enriches your experience of London illustration. No clean, white walls in sight!

From original artworks, fashion prints to ceramics, homeware and jewellery, you are always spoilt for choice. Not only this but the event is packed full of workshops, talks, music, live signings and drawings. This year, we also got to see the Doodle Man do what he does best…karaoke (only joking).


The only problem I have with this fair, (and its a trivial problem), is that with it being held so close to Christmas, I literally wanted to buy everything; not just for friends and family but for myself! It’s certainly a dangerous and risky event to go to if you have no money, because like a magpie attracted to shiny things, you will want everything you see. I did allow myself to invest in another, rather awesome, Lucille Clerc print, which I will never regret. This, however, meant I missed out on this witty piece (above) ‘If Places were faces – London’.

This will be a highlight annual illustration event that I will always attend, regardless if I’m skint when I emerge from my visit. Here are some photos from the fair, to get your creative juices flowing for next year.



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