Artist of the month – Nicholas Stathopoulos

Nick Stath explores space in very ‘spacey’ and otherworldly compositions

Australian-based architect nick stath has created a series of digital drawings called ‘space, scale, composition and atmosphere’, where he explores these subjects while showing his point of view on contemporary architecture. for him, what we are living today is a representation of excess and abstract forms which produce visual cluster. the images found on this series proposes to counter this trend by stripping architecture back to a minimalist form and placing it within sparse landscapes, paying homage to the once powerful movement of modernism.


His images are reminiscent of 1960’s sci-fi films or a classic of the genre, such as ‘2001: a space odyssey’. In his film Kubrick attempted to create symbolic meaning through various props about the formation of life, none so prominent than the black monolith. The apes response creates a sense of mystery, fear and therefore suspense. The same feelings are heavily echoed in Stath’s work – a sense of the unknown.

The techniques used in generating these images emphasize the importance of positioning buildings within a context, the perspective in which one perceives it, and the scale in relation to the inhabitant and its surroundings. in these imaginary scenes, architecture exists as one that is heavily reliant upon the place in which it situates itself. the result is a series of bold compositions that capture a sense of curiosity and mystery.



See more epic space work on his website

Quotes taken from Designboom article


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