Sumptuous, gorgeous, bold…magnifique!

Having seen Lucille’s work in the flesh at the London illustration Fair, I can speak from experience when I say that her prints are gorgeously detailed and beautifully executed, and question myself everyday why I still haven’t got one of her prints!!

After graduating from Central Saint Martins in 2008 her work has developed considerably, from printing as a method of working to being notorious for her popular layered screen prints, some up to 16 layers! She builds her images by drawing straight onto tracing paper, which she directly exposes onto the screen to print.

lucilleclerc-V&Aprint copie


Her website is crammed with more gorgeous prints, but I have selected a few of my favourites including her most recent series ‘Tree stories’, based on legends and sayings associated with trees and plants. My particular favourite is this quote on ‘Tree of Secret’:

Do you know what people did in the old days when they had secrets they didn’t want to share? They’d climb a moutain, find a tree, carve a hole in it, whisper the secret into the hole and cover it up with mud. That way, nobody else would ever learn the secret…
Wong Kar Wai,



Print Club London represents Lucille and it’s where she screen prints and sells her works. She has a show at the studio ‘Wild Botanicus’, only on for a couple more days, so best hurry if you wanna see her work live! See more details on the show here




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