Artist of the Month: TRISTRAM LANSDOWNE

With an exuberance of candy colours, impossible islands with a Frank Lloyd Wright edge, Tristram Lansdownes work is perfection (literally)

Another example of what really inspires and gets my creative juices flowing! Lansdowne attempts to create and build Tracy island style works that are beautifully executed and comes from a rich background in landscape painting.

Growing up in Victoria, he was surrounded by mountains and ocean vistas, so the use of architecture was initially an investigation:

I started with urban architecture as a point of mystery,” Lansdowne says, “and it developed into using urban architecture as a vehicle to explore other ideas from art history and architectural history, and then those ideas became more important themselves.


As a result of using modernist architecture “as a point of mystery” his works are very mysterious, idyllic and unattainable in an overpopulated society. But that’s the beauty of art, it can transport you to these autonomous, isolated places, which have become Lansdownes trademark.

tristram lansdowne


One of my favourite themes in contemporary art, and one of the most relevant and significant is Human Vs Nature. And Lansdowne has an abundance of this! With his dedication to painting he explores this theme by imagining eco-friendly buildings that are overflowing with various green vegetation, ferns and palms. The result demonstrating that humans and nature can live together in a symbiotic, harmonious way. Coupled with the Frank Lloyd Wright-esque, modernist architecture, this is Utopian bliss for any city dweller!

See more examples of his work here


Copyright: Tristram Lansdowne

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