INTERN Magazine

When it comes to work experience and Internships, I’m all over it! And the INTERN Magazine is unique in that it supports interns through shared experiences.

This is a great magazine for up and coming creatives who want to make it in the arts industry. It has articles on interns experiences from around the world, and it features on creative graduates from photographers, graphic artists and illustrators. You can also submit your work to the team for their online promotions!!

George Morton

And it’s not just one sided; industry leaders can also contribute to the debate and offer their insight and opinion on the ‘Intern’, providing an unbiased platform over this very current and important debate.

This is a great little interview with the creator Alec Dudson!

Our opinion is that an ongoing debate about internships is a necessity. Since 2013, we’ve provided a contemporary platform for the discussion, at the same time showcasing the work of emerging young creatives for whom the subject is of critical importance.

Through a variety of perspectives we host a balanced, unbiased and frank discussion. Enabled by our open submissions policy and strong ties to the creative industries, intern strives to communicate the importance of thoughtful recruitment to those at all levels of all industries.

Aurelie Gardner

Contributers in the latest issue include Alice TyeAna SantlMax MikuleckyLucie RoxLuke Evans and many more!!

Images: George Morton and Aurelie Garnier

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