Flower painting

New Blood Art

There are quite a few sites out there that showcase emerging art, but New Blood Art is a place where you can buy and support emerging artists’ work, and there is a HUGE pool of talent on there!

Not only can you buy affordable and pretty frickin’ amazing artwork, as an emerging artist you can submit your art to the team to be selected. The website layout is ideal with it’s large, perfectly selected visuals, to search and discover New Art! See for yourself here: New Blood Art

Est. 2004, New Blood Art showcases and sells original art by carefully selected emerging artists.

The company was founded with the twin aims of supporting talented artists in the early stages of their careers and making original art accessible and affordable to buyers.

Founded by Fine Art graduate and former art tutor Sarah Ryan who, whilst at art college began thinking about the split that was required in the life of most art students in order to exist financially and by the vast gap between artists in training and those represented by galleries. She realized that, at the time, there was no way of easily connecting customers seeking truly affordable original artwork with the artists who were making it.

These are some of my favourite pieces/artists I found on the site


Sophie Baker


Orlanda Broom

Teo Klein

Teo Klein

Soo Jin Yoo

Soo Jin Yo

Liam Symes

Liam Symes


Natasha Russell

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