Artist of the Month: GARY COLCLOUGH

Simplicity at its best!

Colcloughs work in content reflects the detail of studying nature, but also the natural geommetry and shapes hidden within it. I love the cross-over between drawing and sculpture; challenging the traditional concepts of what a drawing can be and how it’s presented. My type of work!

Across Gary Colclough’s artistic work, the architecture of seeing takes on a texture where multiple temporalities coalesce. The pictorial space is thus ‘shaped’ as both intimate ruin and subjectivized monument. If land is considered a forensic ground, Colclough draws out coded figures that disturb the boundaries between nature, culture and society.

Working at the crossings of drawing and sculpture, Colclough creates support systems for his pencil drawings that often mirror viewing apparatus from the Victorian era…

by Natasha Ginwala




See more awesomeness on his website

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